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Joshua Murty

Joshua Murty

Mixer / Producer / Songwriter
Advanced Alternative Media

Joshua Murty is a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. He spent his early years as a touring guitarist for Maren Morris and Luis Fonsi before becoming a true start to finish multi-platinum producer. Josh has had success executive producing albums in various genres (notably #1 Country record “Good Time” with Niko Moon on RCA as well as Maggie Lindemann’s debut album). He has recently been working extensively with Snow Wife on her upcoming project and has recent releases with Nicky Youre (singles “Eyes On You” & “SAD”), Matt Hansen (“Something To Remember” viral single), Trevor Daniel (“Heartstrings” single), to name a few.

Josh has enjoyed working with artists such as Mimi Webb, Em Beihold, Morgan Evans, Graham Barham, Sabrina Claudio, Bludnymph, Lauren Spencer Smith, and writers & producers such as Kurtis Wells, Jake Torrey, Sean Douglas, Jimmy Robbins, Emily Weisband, Sarah Hudson, Jon Hall, Solly, Casey Smith, Jesse St John, Madison Love, Pablo Bowman, John Cunningham, etc.

Nicky Youre -
Nicky Youre - "Eyes On You"
Maggie Lindemann -
Maggie Lindemann - "She Knows It"
Niko Moon -
Niko Moon - "Heaven Has a Bar" Ft. Zac Brown
Trevor Daniel -
Trevor Daniel - "Heartstrings"